news1 Indian Man Kills Roommate for Talking Loudly on Phone in Dubai
Dubai: An Indian man is facing murder charges in a Dubai court for allegedly killing his roommate for talking loudly on his mobile phone, according to a media report....
Posted On: 11/9/2018
news2 Indian gets over Dh500,000 compensation for road accident injury
The Dubai Civil Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of a compensation of over Dh500,000 to Umesh Kumar of Kasaragod district in Kerala, who was seriously injured in an accident in Sharjah....
Posted On: 10/9/2018
news3 Visa-free, visa on arrival travel for Indians to 59 countries
The Singaporean passport is no longer the most powerful passport in the world. According to the latest Henley Passport Index, Japan occupies the top spot with visa-free travel to 189 destinations....
Posted On: 10/9/2018
news4 India signs crucial pact with US on access to latest defence tech
New Delhi: India and the US on Thursday etched a new chapter in bilateral relations, signalling a deepening of their defence and strategic partnership with the signing of a pact...
Posted On: 07/9/2018
news5 Eleven aboard flight from Dubai hospitalized in apparent flu outbreak
Around 106 people initially reported feeling sick during the flight but the "vast majority" were found to be free of any illness when screened....
Posted On: 06/9/2018
news6 Frequent failures in fourth innings take sheen off India's World No. 1 status
In the last five years of playing away from home, India have won 10 Tests, lost 13 and drawn eight. Eight of those 13 losses came in Tests where India were set a fourth-innings target....
Posted On: 06/9/2018
FIFA World Cup 2018
Truly, madly, deeply. We will miss this World Cup like no other. The day after Bastille Day France are champions and deservedly so. But only after the most remarkable, crazy and controversial encounter against a courageous Croatia in which there was a VAR storm, and an actual storm in the skies abov....

Posted On: 16/07/2018
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Suggestion For Better India
Is this the only thing our policemen know?
Police in India are guilty of widespread human rights violations, including beatings, torture and illegal killings, a new report alleges.

The US-based group Human Rights Watch says India’s policing system facilitates and even encourages abuses. It says there has been little change in attitudes, training or equipment since the police was formed in colonial times with the aim to control the population.

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