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news1 NBAD Said First U.A.E. Bank Given India Permit in 34 Years
India granted a banking license to National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC, according to three people familiar with the matter, the first in Asia's third-biggest economy since 1980 for a United Arab Emirates-based lender. NBAD, the Persian Gulf nation's biggest lender, will begin operations in the world's most populous democracy this year, one of the pe...
news2 Dubai's low-cost carrier to launch 3 new destinations in India
Low cost airline 'flydubai' will start its flights from Dubai to three Indian cities, including Delhi, from next month, doubling the number of its destinations in India. Flydubai will start flights to Thiruvanthapuram, Kochi and Delhi from Dubai, taking the number of its services to six Indian cities, airline Chief Executive Officer Gaithal Gai...
news3 Indian passport delays in UAE to end soon
India's diplomatic missions in the UAE expect to receive more passport booklets soon. Indian missions in the UAE used to issue between 1,100 and 1200 passports a day, but shortage of booklets in India has caused delays in passport issuance and renewal. Between 260,000 and 290,000 passports are issued every year. The shortage of lamination papers a...
news4 Dubai-based lawyer on mission to eradicate India's caste system
A Dubai-based lawyer and activist is on a mission to root out India's caste system and has served a mandatory notice on the central government in Delhi to eradicate the social classification method by the end of this year. The caste system in India is a system of social stratification, which is now also used as a basis for affirmative action. Hist...
news5 American Monica Gill wins Miss India Worldwide in UAE
Monica Gill didn't grow up dreaming of being a beauty queen. She was too busy studying biology, psychology and women's studies at a Boston university to have any time for catwalk competitions. But after graduating, and some coaxing by a family friend, American Ms Gill signed up for the regional Miss India New Hampshire pageant and eventually wen...
news6 Abu Dhabi, Dubai set to host Miss India Worldwide 2014
UAE will host the 23rd edition of Miss India Worldwide 2014. The beauty pageant will see over 40 winning contestants of Indian origin from 40 countries across the globe. "More than 40 contestants of Indian origin settled in various countries across the globe between the age of 17 years and 27 years, unmarried and citizens, residents, or born ...
FIFA World Cup 2014
To the victors go the spoils and 1 percent of FIFA's 2014 World Cup revenue. After Germany defeated Argentina in extra time of the final of the World Cup, not only did it get to hoist an 18-carat trophy, but it also hauled off a cool $35 million. It's fitting that the largest prize in World Cu....

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Is this the only thing our policemen know?
Police in India are guilty of widespread human rights violations, including beatings, torture and illegal killings, a new report alleges.

The US-based group Human Rights Watch says India’s policing system facilitates and even encourages abuses. It says there has been little change in attitudes, training or equipment since the police was formed in colonial times with the aim to control the population.

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